Benefits test penalises most vulnerable, says mental health charity Rethink

In response to Professor Malcolm Harrington’s third and final official review of the government’s Work Capability Assessment (WCA) published today, Paul Jenkins, CEO of the charity Rethink Mental Illness said:

“We are pleased that Professor Harrington has acknowledged how difficult it is for people with a mental illness to get a fair hearing through this process. The way things currently stand, people who are extremely ill and vulnerable, who may not even be well enough to leave the house, are expected to proactively gather their own medical evidence to prove just how ill they are. This is a perverse system, which penalises those who are most unwell and are therefore less able to chase up health professionals and fill in endless complex forms.

“We very much hope the government will listen to Professor Harrington’s concerns and will work with us and health professionals to develop a better system, which we believe should put the onus on decision makers to gather medical evidence, not claimants with severe mental illness.

“In the meantime, the mass reassessment of claimants should be halted. It’s an absolute scandal that every day, ill and vulnerable people continue to be subjected to a process which is not fit for purpose.”


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