NASUWT: Teachers fined for doing their job

Members of the NUT and NASUWT teachers’ unions at Stratford Academy in Newham will be taking the first of a number of days of strike action today (Thursday) over punitive fines which have been unfairly imposed on them by the school’s governing body.

Following a lawful national ballot, teachers at Stratford Academy, like the overwhelming majority of teachers right across the country, are making a stand against undertaking tasks which distract them from their core role of teaching, and which do not require their skills as qualified teachers.

The teachers at Stratford Academy have continued to prepare for and teach their lessons, mark and assess pupils’ work and carry out all those tasks which, in their professional judgement, assist them in focusing on teaching and learning. All clubs and activities which teachers run voluntarily in their own time are continuing.

Yet despite this, punitive financial deductions have been made from teachers’ wages by the school governors.

Not only has 15% of their salary been cut, but teachers have been subject to actions by the governors and school management which they have found grossly unprofessional, threatening and intimidating.

Not one single pupil has had their education disrupted or compromised by anything the teachers have done prior to being forced to take strike action.

The teachers have no wish to disrupt the education of pupils, but they have been forced into this position by the unreasonable, punitive behaviour of their employer.

As a result of this, the NUT and NASUWT, representing the overwhelming majority of the staff, have been forced to issue notices of strike action in protest at these unfair and unjust actions and to seek the withdrawal of these punitive financial deductions.

Christine Blower, NUT General Secretary, said:

“The teachers at Stratford Academy are dedicated and committed to the young people they teach.

“Instead of penalising and punishing them, the governors should focus on pressing the Secretary of State to resolve the national trade dispute and end his relentless attacks on the teaching profession.”

Chris Keates, NASUWT General Secretary, said:

“The teachers at Stratford Academy have been seeking to defend their pay and conditions, as part of a national trade dispute with the Secretary of State in which the overwhelming majority of teachers across the country are engaged, without any disruption being caused to pupils and parents.

“The teachers deeply regret the disruption pupils and parents now face but it is entirely due to the hostile and vindictive actions of the governors and school management.”


Notes to editors

NASUWT and NUT members will be staging a picket outside the school from 7am today.

For further information please contact NASUWT press officer Lena Davies on 07867 392 746 or NUT Press Officer Caroline Cowie on 07879 480 061.

Lena Davies
Press and Media Officer
Campaigns and Communications Team
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