ABI: “Automatic Enrolment is an opportunity not to be missed”


Stephen Gay, Director of Life, Savings and Protection at the ABI, said:

“Automatic Enrolment is an opportunity not to be missed.”

“It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to save for retirement. Automatic Enrolment will help workers start a savings habit that will stay with them for a lifetime. The fact that we are living longer is great, but we can no longer have our heads in the sand about how we fund our income in retirement. The State Pension is a foundation, but most people need more and the earlier people start to save the easier they will find it to build enough savings for their later life.

“The really good news is we’re not saving alone; employers and the government will be boosting our saving too. I would urge workers to make sure they’re part of it.”


(Please request attached a consumer Q&A, press release and quote below on Automatic Enrolment from Kelly Ostler-Coyle – information below)

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