NASUWT Cymru members forced back into strike action

Members of the NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union in Wales, will start three days of strike action at Heolddu Comprehensive School in Caerphilly tomorrow (Tuesday) following the failure of the governing body and the Caerphilly authority to take appropriate action to ensure that they can work in an environment free from bullying and intimidation.

Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, said:

“Following the one day strike in July, the NASUWT has done all that could reasonably be done can to avoid the need for further strike action.

“Since the start of the autumn term, three days of strike action have been withdrawn to provide the local authority and the governing body with additional time to take appropriate and decisive action.

“Regrettably, the lack of will on the part of the local authority and the governing body to prioritise the protection of staff and the education of the pupils has become all too evident.

“Our members will be taking this action with heavy hearts, but they feel abandoned and badly let down by the local authority and the governing body.”

Rex Phillips, NASUWT Wales Organiser, said:

“Our members have shown great patience and magnanimity in withdrawing strike action over the last two weeks, but in the absence of any real progress they have no alternative other than to withdraw their labour.

“There is a serious problem at Heolddu Comprehensive School that should have been dealt with through the disciplinary process a long time ago. However, the governing body, with the support of the local authority, has done everything to avoid using that process.

“It has become increasingly obvious that every effort has been made to protect the person against whom the allegations have been made from the disciplinary process.

“The unfairness of the approach taken by the Caerphilly authority and the school governing body is palpable and must be addressed.”


Notes to editors

The NASUWT has 34 members at the school. They will be taking part in a picket outside the school from 7.30am until 9.30am on Tuesday. 

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