BASC asks Police and Crime Commissioner candidates to state their views on firearms

BASC has contacted candidates standing in the Police and Crime Commissioner elections to ask for their views on shooting.

Because of the short length of time between the publication of the candidates list and the elections, BASC has not encouraged its members to write individually to candidates, but will be publishing the substance of replies to the letter on the BASC website to assist members in determining how they will vote.

Those elected as Police and Crime Commissioners will have an influence on the delivery of firearms licensing services to the shooting community. This service will be included in the police plan and will feature in the police budget. For the last fifteen years BASC has been the only organisation monitoring the delivery of this service to the public. BASC works closely with police licensing departments to improve their service to the shooting community.

Each of the candidates has been asked two questions – if they support the private ownership and use of firearms in accordance with the current law and if elected, whether they would be prepared to meet BASC for a briefing and discussion on firearms licensing services in their area.

Christopher Graffius, BASC's director of communications, said: "Police and Crime Commissioners will be central to the delivery of services such as firearms licensing. Despite the lack of publicity and information on these elections it is essential that the shooting community engages with its candidates and checks their stance on the laws governing our sport before voting."


For more information please call the BASC press office on 01244 573052.