IET: Engineering offers high paid careers post-GCSE for all abilities, genders and backgrounds

Stephanie Fernandes from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) said: “Good GCSE results do not always result in well-rounded employable young people.  It is equally important they possess a range of employability skills and have relevant work experience.  According to our latest research more than a third of employers believe that new recruits do not meet reasonable expectations for levels of skills.

“There are a range of options for young people post-GCSE, not just moving onto A-Levels.  Apprenticeships are a particularly relevant option to gain qualifications and work experience. Schools must do more to raise awareness of apprenticeships as a viable learning option.

“Engineering offers highly paid careers for both academically and vocationally minded young people. People of all abilities, genders and backgrounds can excel in engineering.  Research suggests that engineering graduates will earn over 30% more in their working lifetime than the average graduate.”


Robert Beahan
Media Relations Manager
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