RSPCA: Man jailed for starving dog to death


A former Erith man has been jailed for 20 weeks and banned for life from keeping any kind of animal after starving a German shepherd dog to death in a crate in the bedroom.

Paul Brunsden, 25, of Bevan Way, Erith, was living with former partner Stacey Lockhurst, 28, in Forest Road, Erith, when the RSPCA discovered the body of the dog named Jack starved to death in a crate.

The couple had kept the dog, who was less than a year old, shut up in the crate and had not fed him.

Dartford Magistrates heard yesterday (Wednesday) that the dog was left to live in his own excrement and then to just starve to death.

Inspector Alison Fletcher said: "It is heartbreaking that this poor dog lived and then died in the squalor of this cage, hungry, thirsty and alone. This kind of cruelty is simply horrendous and anyone looking at the photo of this dog can see the suffering."

The RSPCA was called out to the address in May last year and found the dog, along with a cat and two kittens that were also seized.

Brunsden and Lockhurst both admitted causing suffering to the dog and keeping the cats in conditions likely to cause suffering. Sentencing for Lockhurst, who now lives at Brook Street,  has been adjourned until 7 September.

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