RSPCA: Man admits allowing Jack Russell to starve to death


Second dog survived by eating companion’s remains

A man from Chinley, High Peak, Derbyshire has admitted causing unnecessary suffering to two Jack Russell dogs. One of them, a female called ‘Nala’, starved to death and the other, a male called ‘Simba’, stayed alive by eating her remains.

Shane Maurice Potts (D.O.B 27.07.83) of Lower Lane pleaded guilty to two allegations under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 at Buxton Magistrates Court yesterday (Tuesday 31 July). Potts admitted, between 29 February and 31 March 2012 at an address on Buxton Road, Furness Vale, Derbyshire (1.) causing unnecessary suffering to Nala and Simba by failing to provide proper and necessary care and supervision resulting in Simba becoming dehydrated and emaciated and the death of Nala and (2.) causing unnecessary suffering to the two dogs by failing to provide an adequate diet including the provision of fresh drinking water.

The dogs were discovered by RSPCA inspector Lorna Campbell after a call from a concerned member of the public. She said: “When I saw Simba at the window it was obvious he was emaciated and when I looked in I saw what I thought was a toy he’d chewed up. It took a moment before I realised the full horror of what it actually was, the remains of Nala. It was devastating.”

The RSPCA had offered advice to Potts in July 2011, given him neutering vouchers and re-homed a third dog which he had at that time but had no complaints since.

The court heard that Potts and his children had moved in to his mother’s house in Chapel-en-le-Frith where he’d also taken another Jack Russell which he said didn’t get on with the others. She was signed over to the RSPCA and re-homed. He hadn’t been back to the property on Buxton Road for more than four weeks.

Simba pictured when he was removed from Pott’s home and after recovery in new home

RSPCA inspector Campbell said: “That Simba survived is a miracle. When police gained access he raced past us to a bowl of dirty water in the garden with cigarette butts in it and tried to drink from it.

“The conditions in the house were terrible. The place was covered in faeces and the floor was slippery with urine. There was a shredded dog food bag on the floor, an empty tub of gravy granules and chewed towels and of course what was left of his companion.

“Tragically, there was a bag of dog biscuits on the worktop which it looked as though the dogs had been trying to reach but it was just too high.”

Potts’ solicitor told the court he was finding it difficult to manage his responsibilities and had moved in with his mother to help. He’s due to appear at Buxton Magistrates Court at 11am on Tuesday 21 August for sentencing.

After being signed over to the RSPCA, Simba has recovered and has been happily re-homed.

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