Take the Gold Challenge for St Dunstan’s

Take the Gold Challenge for St Dunstan's

Everyday sees more news of our brave service men and women returning with injuries from war zones like Iraq and Afghanistan.

We provide lifelong support for blind and visually impaired ex-Service men and women. You can help give more blind heroes an independent future by taking the Gold Challenge.

Will you rise to the Gold Challenge on behalf of those who have already given their all?

What is the Gold Challenge?
A new and unique charity challenge in which participants aim to try as many Olympic and Paralympic sports as they can by the end of 2012 and raise money for charity.

You can do anything from fencing, to boxing, swimming, or even sailing and badminton. Enter as an individual or as part of a team in which the activities are shared out amongst team members.

Will you join thousands of people in the Gold Challenge and raise money for St Dunstan’s and the vital work that it does?

My uncle is a St Dunstaner and I know what a tremendous difference St Dunstan’s has made to his life. I’m looking forward to running a marathon to give something back, as a family we fully support St Dunstan’s.

Sandra Hedley, St Dunstan's Supporter
How can you be part of the Gold Challenge?
Participating teams and individuals can choose between a 5, 10, 20 or 30 sport challenge and you will be given points for each activity you complete. You will then be ranked in a league table and you can see your progress on the Gold Challenge website.

To complete a sport the participant must take part in a minimum of 3 hours of supported activity. You can set your own level of difficulty from beginner to expert.

Don't wait, get started now!

You can also explore the Gold Challenge site to find answers to all your questions or for more information contact Cat on 020 7616 7965 or email

The Gold Challenge is passionate about encouraging everyone to participate in sport – irrespective of age or ability and those with disabilities are passionately encouraged to take part.