NARPO: “I am frankly very surprised that G4S have not sought our assistance in recruitment”

At a time when the Government are cutting back on public services and relying on the private sector to meet the challenges of providing services to the Community in many of those areas where the public sector cut backs have reduced services, the National Association of Retired Police Officers (NARPO) believes, the news that G4S have failed to meet their target for security personnel at the Olympic Games must leave us all concerned about the future.

The implication for security at the Games is also a worry for all those attending.

At NARPO we are aware that many of our members work in the private security industry utilising the skills and experience they accumulated in their time in policing. Some former police officers of all ranks work with G4S. It is surprising to us that, almost as a last resort, G4S seek to recruit our members. 

It is however the case that we at the national office of NARPO have not at any stage been approached by G4S to assist in recruiting security staff for the Olympics and certainly have not received any memorandum from G4S this week or at any other time requesting such assistance.

Eric Evans the President of NARPO said ‘ At a time when unemployment is so high and many police officers are retiring earlier than planned because of Government cut backs, it is difficult to understand how G4S have failed to recruit the required number of security staff. I am sure that many of those of our members, who have recently retired would have been glad of an opportunity to get some employment at the Olympic Games not only for the money but also to be involved in such a major ‘lifetime’ event. I am frankly very surprised that G4S have not sought our assistance in recruitment.’