NASUWT condemns Westminster plans to “impose pension misery in Scotland”

Responding to the announcement that the Westminster Government is now strengthening its plans to impose changes to public service pensions in Scotland, despite the fact that responsibility for these matters is devolved to the Scottish Government, Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, the fastest growing teachers' union in Scotland, said:

"I applaud the stand the Scottish Government and its ministers are taking.

"The NASUWT welcomes the fact that ministers in Scotland have stated that they wish to see as much positive variation on Westminster's pension changes as possible, even though the financial restrictions imposed by Westminster might be prohibitive.

"It is now clear that the Westminster Coalition Government is seeking to restrict all room for manoeuvre in Scotland to ensure that there is equity of misery for public service workers across the UK.

"Reasonable and inclusive policy development is anathema to the Westminster Coalition Government and its decision to impose pension changes across the UK is entirely consistent with the arrogant disregard it has for the impact of its policies on the lives of ordinary working people and their families.”


Lena Davies
Journalist and acting press officer
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