NUT: Teachers need more support dealing with challenging pupils

Commenting on Charlie Taylor’s remarks following the launch of Improving Teacher Training for Behaviour, Christine Blower, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, the largest teachers’ union, said:

“The NUT concurs that a greater focus on behaviour is needed in teacher training, as the recent review has found. Teachers need to be able to ask for support about challenging pupil behaviour at any stage of their career. Teachers need access to continuing professional development throughout their careers. The NUT has a proud tradition of making such training available to its members.

“Practical advice on tone of voice and posture are important but teachers need support to understand the underlying causes of poor behaviour including the complex social and psychological factors which impact on the behaviour of a minority of young people.

“Teachers also need time during the school day to seek support from colleagues in the staffroom, and discuss the requirements of individual pupils. Schools that tackle challenging behaviour most effectively are those with a collaborative ethos where teachers are supported by senior leaders and students are supported too. It is vital that experienced teachers have time to support those new to the job. Every teacher will face challenging behaviour at some point in their career.”

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