NASUWT: “It is important to ensure that the qualifications system in Wales is fit for purpose”

Commenting on the launch of a consultation on the future of 14-19 qualifications in Wales by the Welsh Government, Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union in Wales, said:

“It is important to ensure that the qualifications system in Wales is fit for purpose and meets the needs of young people. However, new exam syllabuses have already been introduced for several subjects in the last two years and the prospect of further change will cause massive turbulence for schools and pupils.

“In undertaking this review it is critical that the Welsh Government does not develop an isolated examinations system which has no currency outside Wales.

“Ministers must also avoid the trap of developing a system which is focused solely on the needs of employers and the economy, rather than on the needs of young people.”

Rex Phillips, NASUWT Wales Organiser, said:

“The examinations system should reflect a curriculum which is broad and balanced and which allows all young people to make the most of their knowledge, skills and talents.

“The Welsh Government must seek to work in collaboration with teachers to ensure that the qualifications and exams system reflects their experience of classroom practice.

“Engaging with teachers would also help to tackle the issues around excessive workload which could result from this review.

“Controlled assessment is already a huge driver of excessive workload for teachers in Wales.

“A new qualifications system must not become another bureaucratic burden.”


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