IET: The future is low carbon: high performance electric car in town

A super high-performance electric car will be in Newcastle today (Tuesday 2 May) to kick off an event exploring the future of transport in the UK.

The Tesla roadster will be on show to highlight the potential of low-carbon vehicles and the need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

An Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) event looking at the future of low carbon transport will then hear from Dr Yvonne Hübner, Senior Research Associate at Newcastle University. She will explain how a trial of electric vehicles, currently underway, is shaping how we will all travel in the future. Other speakers will include Prof. Phil Blythe from Newcastle University and Dr Colin Herron, Zero Carbon Futures.

The Tesla roadster is being driven to Newcastle this afternoon from Edinburgh and will be driven back this evening. Using an EV charger on the Newcastle University campus, the Tesla will be conveniently re-charged during the IET meeting, ensuring plenty of range to drive home.

Andrew Bissell, owner of the Tesla, said: “Electric vehicles put the fun back into driving, with instant, class-leading, off-the-line torque. At the same time they give everyone the opportunity to de-carbonise their driving.

“I use my electric vehicle for 90%+ of my daily driving. Even a 200+ mile Edinburgh-Newcastle roundtrip like this is easy when ample public charging is available, as it is in the North East of England.”

Peter Sheppard, Chair of the IET Transport Sector, said: “We are making great strides in the search for, and reaching a tipping point in the acceptance of, alternative energy sources.

“Events such as this are an excellent way to highlight and drive forward the development of new technologies in order to meet the real engineering and environmental challenges the world faces in the 21st century."


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