NUT Regional/Wales Representative and Officer of the Year Awards

The NUT General Secretary today presents awards to members in the English regions and Wales for their tremendous work on behalf of the Union.

Christine Blower, NUT General Secretary said;

?Without the hard work and commitment of our members the NUT would not be able to achieve all that it does. Following a challenging year for the trade union movement, we are deeply grateful to our winners for all the time, energy and enthusiasm they have put into the NUT to make it the vibrant and effective organisation it is.?

Two national-level awards recognise exemplary work in recruitment and retention at local level. They are presented to;

Chris Denson of Coventry Division

Chris is the winner of the 2011/12 National Representative of the Year Award in recognition of his spearheading an anti-academies campaign at his school and in the wider community, giving members, as his nomination reads, the ?encouragement and confidence to make a stand.?

Scott Lyons of Norfolk Division

Scott is the winner of the 2011/12 National Officer of the Year Award. As assistant secretary he is considered ?dedicated, enthusiastic and highly efficient? by his colleagues and is the first port of call for many members when getting in touch with the Union. The nomination recognises his vitality and originality as a local officer, which has seen innovations in Norfolk NUT merchandise and a blossoming for the website, which Scott maintains and which is now one of the most popular local websites of the entire Union.

Nine regional/Wales Representative of the Year Awards and nine regional/Wales Officer of the Year Awards are also being given. These too recognise outstanding achievements on behalf of the Union in membership recruitment and retention.

This year?s winners of the 2011/12 Regional/Wales Representative of the Year Awards are:

Northern: Dan Bowen (Newcastle upon Tyne)
North West: Nadeem Siddiqui (Blackburn with Darwen) and Robert Blackmore (Liverpool)
Yorkshire/Midland: Ralph Dyson (Rotherham)
Midlands: Chris Denson (Coventry)
Eastern: Vicky Warnes (South Norfolk & Breckland)
South East: Simon Terry (Surrey)
South West: Donna Beddows (Dorset)
London: Emma Taverner (Newham)
Wales: Andy Pickett (Ceredigion)

This year?s winners of the 2011/12 Regional/Wales Officer of the Year Awards are:

North West: Simon Jones (Blackburn with Darwen)
Yorkshire/Midland: Ken Rustidge (Lincolnshire)
Midlands: Dave Mitchell (Worcestershire)
Eastern: Scott Lyons (Norfolk)
South East: Gawain Little (Oxfordshire)
South West: Sharon Anderson (Bristol)
London: Paul McGarr (East London)
Wales: Ian Farquharson (Wrexham)

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