NUT: Digital strategy in schools proposals welcome, but must be met with resources

NUT comment on digital classroom report

Wales’ largest union for qualified teachers, NUT Cymru, has commented on the final report from the Digital Classroom Teaching Task and Finish Group which sets out how Welsh schools can deliver digital classrooms in a digital age.

The NUT will be writing to the Minister to give formal views on the recommendations made in the document as he considers the proposals.

NUT Wales Policy Office, Owen Hathway, said:

“In an ever advancing technological age it is obviously important for pupils to get an early and comprehensive grasp of digital equipment and expertise. The more learning in school reflects the skills needed to empower individuals as they go into the workplace the better. We want students to leave schools with skills that make them a valuable asset to employers, and to inspire children to start their own businesses. The use of digital technology is obviously essential to that environment.

“There are a number of recommendations within the report that we would welcome. Recommendations such as prioritising training for practitioners and commissioning new resources will be welcomed by the profession, so long as there is adequate funding put in place to support the aims. However, other areas must be given consideration by the Minister. For example how will the ‘bring your own device’ proposal be implemented and what impact will it have on those children from disadvantaged communities that do not have easy access to modern technology. Equally there will be concerns from teachers about the use of social networking.

“The general overview of the proposals at first glance appears positive, but they must be matched by resources being made available. There is no point having a digital strategy if there are schools in Wales without access to the equipment to implement it.”

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