NUT: “Government needs to do far more to reduce child poverty and youth unemployment”

Riots, Communities and Victims Panel Report

Commenting on the independent report which emerged today from the Riots, Communities and Victims Panel, Christine Blower, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, the largest teachers’ union, said:

“While many teachers are only too aware of the social problems and all too often grinding poverty that some of their pupils face, it has to be remembered that the key task of teachers is to teach. NUT members take the pastoral responsibility of schools very seriously but challenging and addressing society-wide inequity cannot be the task of schools alone. The problems that stem from poor housing, joblessness and poverty in all its forms cannot be for schools to solve.

“Government needs to do far more to reduce child poverty and youth unemployment, including restoring the EMA to its former levels and getting rid of tuition fees. They also need to stop cutting school and Local Authority budgets to ensure there is sufficient professional support available for those pupils who need it.

“Failure to do any of these things will mean that many young people and adults will remain disillusioned with what life has to offer them and never achieve their full potential.”

                                                              END pr35-2012
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