CIHT ask “is 2012 Budget good news for transport?”

CIHT is pleased that the 2012 Budget acknowledges the importance of transport infrastructure to the UK's economy. Investment in a fully functioning transport infrastructure is essential to underpinning a successful economy and has been at the forefront of CIHT’s vision for a prosperous economic future for the UK.

Sue Percy said:

“Transport infrastructure plays a vital role across the whole spectrum of society and impacts on both economic and social development. A balanced long-term investment programme that focuses on transport infrastructure will retain and create jobs and provide a major catalyst for sustained economic recovery and growth of the nation.”

“The funding and delivery of UK infrastructure needs to change to ensure that the infrastructure necessary for the UK to compete globally is in place, planned and improved over the short, medium and longer term.”

Key points announced today included:

Review of airport capacity in the South East

– CIHT believes that there is a need for an increase in capacity to allow the UK to stay competitive in a global economy

Take forward the Cook Report’s recommendations including developing a national roads strategy and a review of the Highways Agency

– CIHT believe delivery of these recommendations will provide a more effective and efficient strategic network for the future

Feasibility study looking at how private sector funds could be used to fund road maintenance, improvements and construction

– CIHT welcomes this study but the Institution has identified the need for more research to be carried out into the role that can be played by the private sector

Review of options to increase capacity and improve performance on the A14, some of which could be part funded through tolling

– CIHT believe that Road pricing offers a solution; a shift away from taxation to charges at the point of use and the opportunity to attract private sector to the potential revenue streams available from tolling

Implement the Youth Contract to support young people into employment and education

Committed to increase adult apprenticeship funding by £250 million a year by 2014–15

– CIHT believes there needs to be clear systems in place, that has the support of industry to deliver the skills required for future growth

– CIHT are committed to developing tomorrow’s professionals including providing opportunities into the industry and through supporting skills development

Promotion of development through an overhaul of the planning system through the National Planning Policy Framework

– CIHT acknowledge the need to simplify planning policy and process; however we wait to see what the new Framework will deliver on the principles of sustainable transport

– CIHT will respond in detail to the final released NPPF in the coming weeks, whilst continuing to work with Government and industry on identifying the guidance needed to support the Framework

CIHT will be reviewing the full budget in more detail and will be releasing analysis on what it means for our sector over the next few days.


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