RSPCA delighted as plans for badger cull in Wales shelved for vaccination

The RSPCA is delighted that the Welsh Government has decided not to proceed with plans put forward by the previous government for a badger cull in the Intensive Action Area and opted for a five-year vaccination program instead.

The cull had been on hold since June after the Environment Minister announced that an independent Bovine TB Science Review Panel would review the scientific evidence. Whilst recognising that Bovine TB is a very real issue in some areas, the animal welfare charity supports the conclusion of the Independent Scientific Group (ISG) that ‘badger culling can make no meaningful contribution to cattle TB control in Britain.’

The RSPCA believes that there are other measures that could be used to control Bovine TB, including the vaccination program chosen along with increased cattle control.

David Bowles, RSPCA’s Head of Communication, said: “We are absolutely delighted about this decision.

“We have long believed that a vaccination program rather than a badger cull is the right step forward for controlling Bovine TB in cattle both in Wales and in England, and only hope that the Westminster government is paying close attention to what is happening across the border.”

Claire Lawson, external affairs manager for RSPCA Cymru said: “The RSPCA recognises that Bovine TB in cattle causes massive hardship for farmers in endemic areas and that there needs to be a sustainable and humane solution. The Society bases its animal welfare stance on moral and ethical values of care and compassion, but relies on sound science to inform its decision-making, formulate its policies, define its strategies, and promote change for the improvement of animal welfare. 

“We are relieved that the Welsh Government has decided against a badger cull and opted for a vaccination program instead. Badger vaccination has already been shown to significantly reduce the prevalence and severity of disease in the badger population and could reduce the potential for transmission of TB from badgers to cattle.

“We therefore still strongly believe that vaccination coupled with the increased levels of cattle testing, improved bio-security and control on the movement of cattle is the way forward.”

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