NUT Sixth Form College members vote to take strike action

NUT members in sixth form colleges have voted to take strike action in opposition to Government funding cuts and cuts in teachers' pay and conditions.

The NUT balloted members in respect of two separate disputes, involving the Secretary of State for Education as the Minister responsible for setting colleges' funding, and the sixth form college employers who are increasing class sizes and working hours and freezing teachers' pay despite commitments made during the 2010 pay agreement.

Cuts to college budgets, coming on top of the axing of the Education Maintenance Allowance and an increase in tuition fees, will be seen as yet a further attack on the expectations of young people.

The NUT will be deciding on the initial date of strike action in the next few days.

Christine Blower, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, the largest teachers’ union, said: “Sixth Form Colleges do an excellent job for the young people who attend them. Cuts to the funding for these institutions are having a devastating effect. Restoring their funding and reversing the increases in class sizes and cuts to teachers' pay are essential or standards are bound to suffer”.

                                                            END pr14-2012

For further details contact Caroline Cowie on 0207 380 4706 or 07879480061

Editor’s Note

The result of the NUT ballots was as follows:

Dispute with Sixth Form College Forum members (91 colleges)

Number of ballot papers issued 4,080 (eligible vote)

Number of ballot papers returned 1,323 (valid vote)

Turnout 32.4%

Number voting ‘YES’ 950 (71.9% valid vote)

Number voting ‘NO’ 372 (28.1% valid vote)

Spoilt papers 1

Dispute with the Secretary of State (101 colleges)

Number of ballot papers issued 4,522 (eligible vote)

Number of ballot papers returned 1,292 (valid vote)

Turnout 28.6%

Number voting ‘YES’ 987 (76.4% valid vote)

Number voting ‘NO’ 305 (23.6% valid vote)

Spoilt papers 0