NUT: “It should not be up to the Government to decide which exams are of more merit than others”

Commenting on the implementation of the recommendations from the Wolf Report on qualifications, as set out by the Government today, Christine Blower, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, the largest teachers’ union, said:

“It should not be up to the Government to decide which exams are of more merit than others. This is something which should be assessed by major stakeholders such as the teaching profession and awarding bodies.

“Vocational education has often suffered from being viewed unfavourably. These reforms are likely to exacerbate the vocational/academic divide.

“At times of recession, access to vocational education and apprenticeship opportunities must not be restricted. This is the time when young people need these opportunities the most.

“What is needed is a single system of diplomas which incorporate the current best features of existing GCSE, A-Level and vocational programmes and would play to the strengths of all pupils. It would also help ensure that every young person had access to quality academic and vocational education without the need to separate pupils into technical or academic institutions at far too early an age.

“The distorting effect that league tables have on our children and young people’s education will not be changed by these reforms and could make matters worse by limiting the subjects which will now count towards them. It really is time that this pointless exercise ended.”


                                                            END pr12-2012

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