NUT Cymru Secretary comments on Estyn Report

NUT Cymru Secretary, David Evans, said:

“We are pleased that the report indicates many practitioners and schools across Wales are performing well with high percentages of both primary and secondary schools deemed good. It is important to remember the good work of teachers, especially when it is delivered against a backdrop of perennial underfunding.

“It is interesting that the Chief Inspector notes how boys and girls respond positively to the creative and independent approach offered by the Foundation Phase. That analysis must make the Welsh Government rethink the rigid and restrictive system it is putting in place based on standardised testing and league tables.

“The report highlights the need to plan different approaches and develop mixed teaching styles. That recommendation is welcomed, but it has to be considered alongside the situation facing teachers in Wales. The lack of funding for education, coupled with excessive workload, does make that commitment very difficult for teachers in Wales. One of the main problems facing teachers as a result of the funding gap is that they are often teaching large numbers of pupils in their classrooms. This makes it extremely difficult to offer a varied approach or an individually tailored curriculum, despite their best efforts. Naturally, NUT members would love to see greater funding to resolve these problems and allow them to offer a more personalised learning environment.”

David Evans added:

“We will of course evaluate all the recommendations made in the report together with the information collated and its analysis collated. We will continue to work with our members to ensure every effort is made to continue to offer the highest standards possible, as well as working with the Welsh Government to address any failings relating to its approach to the sector.”

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