Countryside Alliance welcomes Number 10 response to Peterlee shootings

Responding to the statement from the Prime Minister's official spokesman, who said that the Government had no plans to revisit UK gun laws which were "amongst the toughest in the world"; David Taylor, Shooting Campaign Manager for the Countryside Alliance, said:

"The Countryside Alliance is pleased that the Government is going to take time to consider the events in Peterlee and understands that the most dangerous response to a tragic incident such as this, is one made in the short-term without proper consideration and knowledge of all the facts. The laws that govern shooting have been carefully drawn and added-to over several years so that today they are as rigorous and all-encompassing as possible. There looks to have been a failure at some point in the process in this event, and the most sensible action is to investigate what went wrong and then decide how it might be fixed.”


Notes to Editors

1. Countryside Alliance Statement on Peterlee incident and shotgun licencing (issued 15.30 Monday 2nd January 2012)

David Taylor, Shooting Campaign Manager for the Countryside Alliance, said:

"The Alliance was saddened to hear of the awful events in Peterlee and our sympathies are with the family and friends of those killed. The United Kingdom possesses the toughest and most stringent shotgun licencing laws of anywhere in the World, and the result is that tragic incidents like this one in Peterlee are extremely rare. Over half a million people shoot for sport each year and Great Britain will have some of the finest sportsmen and women participating in the shooting events at London 2012. The authorities in this country have been careful to find the right balance between public safety and shooting rights, and must ensure that they continue to strike the right balance for everyone’s safety."

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