Unite: Transport minister dashes Bombardier workers’ hopes

Unite, Britain's biggest union, has castigated the transport minister, Theresa Villiers for raising Bombardier workers' hopes, then dashing them in the run-up to Christmas.

Bombardier workers in Derby thought they might hear some good news when they were informed the minister was going to meet union representatives today (14 November), instead she covered the same old ground, giving no guarantees of future work for the factory or a change of policy on the Thameslink contract.

Unite national secretary, Julia Long said:

"The workers at Derby though they might get some good news when they heard Theresa Villiers was going to visit. Instead she raised their hopes and then dashed them in the run-up to Christmas. It was extremely frustrating, as she gave no guarantees of new work, she only covered the same old ground the government has been going over for months. The workers here are very disappointed.

"We still believe the government has the power to rethink the Thameslink decision. On the day the CIPD predicted a slow and painful contraction in the economy, here we have the government with the power to support manufacturing jobs in Derby doing absolutely nothing. It is an outrage. "


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