NUT comment on education funding

Commenting on the research published today by the Institute for Fiscal Studies, Christine Blower, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, the largest teachers’ union, said:

"The independent Institute for Fiscal Studies has confirmed what the NUT has been saying since the Government announced its cuts programme. The education cuts, the biggest in at least half a century, will reverse the increase in education spending as a proportion of national income that happened under Labour.

“Despite the Government's claims to have protected school funding, most schools will see real terms cuts. Sixth form colleges and school sixth forms will be hit by the particularly savage cuts of up to 20% to 16-19 education. Early years, youth services and capital funding also face severe cuts.

“Schools, colleges and education services are already feeling the impact of the cuts – many teachers have already lost their jobs, and the Government is attacking teacher pay and pensions. Students in sixth form colleges are already seeing increases in their class sizes. Cuts of 75% to tutorial and enrichment funding mean that students have less support for university applications.

“These blows come on top of the abolition of the EMA and an increase in university tuition fees. Taken together this is an unprecedented attack on social mobility.

“Education cuts don't heal – they cause massive social and economic costs. We call on the Government to reverse its cuts programme and to invest in education to give us the skills we will need for economic recovery.”

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