NASUWT: 30% of teachers falsely accused

30% of teachers have had a false allegation made against them by a pupil, a shocking new survey conducted by the NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union and the Tonight programme has revealed.

Over two thirds of teachers say they would think twice about breaking up a fight between students because of the threat of pupils making false allegations against them.

Further findings from the survey feature in Taking Control of the Classroom-a documentary exploring the scale of the problem of false allegations against teachers which is broadcast tonight at 7.30pm on ITV.

The NASUWT teamed up with the Tonight programme to examine how the Coalition Government’s much vaunted promises to assert the authority of teachers in the classroom are affecting those on the frontline.

Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, is interviewed in the programme. She said:

“For years the NASUWT has been collecting data, tracking allegations and supporting members who have had their lives and careers destroyed by false and malicious allegations made against them.

“Therefore, while the results of the survey come as no surprise they do serve to highlight the continuing and significant risks facing teachers.

“99% of teachers surveyed said that they were concerned that pupil may make a false allegation against them, yet more than four out of five do not feel that protections for teachers are adequate.

“The Coalition Government makes bold promises of handing power back to teachers but the proposed new powers to search and restrain pupils will leave teachers even more vulnerable to allegations and litigation.

“What is needed is a change in the law to offer real support and protection to teachers, who all too often, through no fault of their own, face personal and professional ruin as a result of being falsely accused by pupils.”


Notes to editors
Taking Control of the Classroom airs tonight (Thursday) on ITV at 7.30pm-8pm.
7,775 teachers responded to the joint online NASUWT and Tonight survey on false allegations.