NUT comment on UCAC strike

Commenting on today’s strike by UCAC’s members, NUT Wales Secretary David Evans said:

“The NUT fully supports the strike being held by UCAC members across Wales. This follows on from the strike staged by the NUT in June. The way the Westminster government has targeted teachers’ pensions is disgraceful.

“Even though the teachers’ pension scheme is affordable and sustainable the coalition government in Westminster is insisting that teachers sacrifice more of their pay, work longer and receive less. This plan is based not on economics but on politics, and is focussed on making hard working public sector workers pay for the irresponsibility of city bankers.

“On October 26th a joint union lobby will take place in parliament where teachers from across Wales will be aiming to speak to their MPs about how these changes will impact on their daily lives. We hope that all MPs from Wales attend to speak to their constituents.

“No teacher wants to lose pay by striking but they have been left devastated by what the government is proposing to do. The ability to stop further industrial action is in the hands of the coalition.”

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