CIHT supports CBI call for investment in UK infrastructure

The CBI has today released its report’ Making the right connections’ that calls for the Government to act swiftly to attract vital new investment into the UK’s infrastructure, and the report has the backing of the CIHT. 

In this report the CBI has called for the coalition Government to back initiatives that would free the private sector to build major infrastructure projects.

CIHT supports this call by the CBI and agrees in the overwhelming need for investment in the UK Transport Infrastructure.

Daniel Isichei, CIHT Director of Communications said:

“The current pressures on UK public spending combined with an improved public understanding of what is required have created an opportunity to consider the introduction of road pricing. CIHT believe that road pricing at both the national and local level stands out in its potential to deliver economic, social and environmental benefits.”

“Due to the perceived lack of public support for road pricing, any scheme must also provide significant improvements in the capacity and quality of viable alternative travel by public transport.”

“The UK’s current financial situation means that there is likely to be limited opportunity for large public spending infrastructure projects and attention may have to shift to user charging and private sector investment in new infrastructure. Road pricing offers a solution in this regard: a shift away from taxation to charges at the point of use and the opportunity to attract private sector to the potential revenue streams available from tolling.”

CIHT has established a cross-sector Infrastructure Funding Group to identify new and existing ways of financing the development of the UK’s current and future infrastructure. This group will be reporting directly to UK Governments at the end of its research cycle.
John Cridland, CBI Director-General, said:

“Our survey paints a disturbing picture. Firms across the country say that the infrastructure they depend on every working day is just not good enough and is stifling growth. High quality infrastructure swings boardroom decisions when companies are looking where to invest, and pays dividends in terms of future jobs and growth.

“The UK is still a long way down the international infrastructure league table and languishes behind key competitors. So, if we are serious about boosting exports – especially in emerging markets – and achieving sustainable growth, the Government must put infrastructure investment firmly at the top of its agenda.

“We need ministerial decisions that get spades in the ground and people working now. There are large amounts of business capital waiting to be unlocked if the Government achieves a step-change on transport, for example with the introduction of road tolls. Capital investment must return to pre-recession levels at the earliest opportunity."


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