Guide Dogs for the Blind: Stephen Fry is on the bus – but Cheryl Cole’s a girl who’s not aloud!

Brits have voted Stephen Fry as the celebrity voice they most want to hear bus journey information from, a YouGov study for Guide Dogs has revealed.

But former X Factor judge Cheryl Cole was snubbed in the survey. Only 4% of people who wanted to hear a celebrity voice during their bus journey voted for the singer, who was dropped as an X Factor US judge earlier this year allegedly because of her accent.

People who took part in the survey were given a list of 10 celebrities and asked which one they would most like to hear making announcements – such as next stop and final destination information.

Of those who said they would like to hear a celebrity voice, 40% voted for QI host Mr Fry, Ms Cole only managed seventh among in the list. Fellow reality TV judge, Piers Morgan, was also voted off by members of the public, with just 2% of the votes.

Guide Dogs is campaigning to get audio visual announcements on buses to help everyone, not just blind and partially sighted people. We want buses to have a visual display and an announcement with details of the next stop and final destination, so everyone knows where they are along a route and where to get off.

It seems Brits agree with Guide Dogs, with 61% of those who use buses regularly agreeing that audible announcements on buses would make traveling easier.

Guide Dogs' Head of Campaigns, David Cowdrey, said: "Everyone who uses a bus is entitled to know where they are along the route, whether it's Stephen Fry or a non-celebrity voice helping them to orientate themselves."

"For the UK's two million blind and partially-sighted people, as well as those with other disabilities or who are simply unfamiliar with their surroundings, a major factor stopping them from using buses is the lack of accessible information on board, such as next stop and final destination details. We want to change this."

Email the Minister for Buses, Norman Baker MP, and ask him to support our Talking Buses campaign for audio visual information on buses through this link: