RSPCA: Advice for pet owners during riots

Riots – advice for pet owners

Advice for pet owners caught up in the riots in London and elsewhere.

Evacuation and fire

If your home is evacuated, we advise you take your pets with you. It is not safe to leave your pets alone locked in your home, or to let them loose to fend for themselves.

If you think it’s likely your home may be evacuated, you should be ready. Have a plan, including asking someone to remove your animals if you are not at home. Have provisions ready, including a pet carrier, food, bedding and any medicines.

Do not put your own or another life in danger to attempt an animal rescue, and always heed police and fire brigade advice about areas of risk.

Noise and disturbance

Animals can be very scared by loud noise, especially when they do not know what is causing the noises.

You should:

– walk dogs in safe areas during daylight hours

– consider keeping cats indoors overnight if you are in a risk area

– make sure your dog or cat always has somewhere to hide, and don’t try to tempt them out

– close windows and curtains and put on music to mask the sound

– never punish or fuss over your pet when it is scared

– try not to react too much to any noises yourself

– for caged pets, cover the cages with blankets, with a gap for them to look out, and provide extra bedding so they can burrow.

If in doubt, keep pets indoors when you’re at home / overnight to help keep them safe.