CIOB takes action on Carbon

In an ever-growing body of guidance and advice about carbon, understanding what can be done to make a difference right now is one of the biggest challenges facing the construction industry. That is why the Chartered Institute of Building has launched its online Carbon Action 2050 plan for the built environment.

“Everyone knows reducing carbon is the issue of our time. But with all the information out there we risk losing sight of the important steps that can be made now. Our plan pulls together practical actions that construction, and its stakeholders, anywhere in the world can take today which will make a real difference,” said Alan Crane Vice President of the CIOB.

The Institute’s Carbon Action 2050 plan is a free interactive online tool that provides key guidance on every facet of a building’s lifecycle from design through construction to end use and beyond. Uniquely there is advice on education, skills and leadership and how to move those agendas towards a low carbon built environment.

“There is an important part of the carbon equation that often gets missed, and that’s the people. We can talk all we like about market conditions, new technology, standards and regulations, but without the right qualified people the industry simply won’t meet the demands. That is why it is so vital we equip today and tomorrow’s workforce with the knowledge they need, and find ways of sharing what they learn with others,” added Alan.

The portal has been developed over the last twelve months by CIOB members who work in design, building control, education, project management, facilities management, conservation and sustainability. The overall aim is to focus on innovation and best practice that will make an immediate difference on the ground.

As part of the plan the CIOB has committed to report and manage its own carbon emissions by signing up to the Global Reporting Initiative standard.

Speaking about GRI Alan Crane said, “It’s all too easy for professional bodies to talk a good game but not do anything themselves. The CIOB will be one of the first professional bodies to report to GRI, and by doing so we will not only lower our own carbon footprint, but hopefully influence our 47,000 strong membership base to report on theirs too.”

GRI is a gold-standard sustainability reporting initiative that is used worldwide by a variety of organisations. It does not solely focus on the environmental performance of a business but requires organisations to report on their economic status, societal issues (such as public policy participation and government engagement), and labour force data.



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