CIHT on Uninsured Drivers

Under the new Continuous Insurance Enforcement law – which will affect all motorists from June 20 – it is an offence to keep an uninsured vehicle, rather than just to drive when uninsured.

Latest estimates are that around 4% (around 1.4 million) of GB motorists drive uninsured. The penalty for driving without insurance is a maximum fine of £5,000 and 6-8 penalty points or possible disqualification. Around 200,000 offenders are convicted for uninsured driving every year.

A national advertising campaign will be launched by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau today to raise awareness of the law. CIHT are encouraged by this recent announcement as uninsured drivers cause an unnecessary risk to all road users. According to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau a motorist without insurance is five times more likely to be involved in road collisions, to fail to comply with other road traffic requirements and to be engaged in other criminal activity.

UK Road Safety Minister Mike Penning said:

“Uninsured drivers are a danger on our roads, killing 160 and injuring a further 23,000 people each year, and they cost honest motorists £500 million in extra premiums. That is why we are introducing this tough new law which will leave uninsured drivers with nowhere to hide.” “Our message is clear – get insured or face a fine, court action or seeing your car seized and destroyed.”

CIHT Director of Professional & Business Development John Smart said:

“The message from the government here is clear in that they want to change public perception on uninsured drivers. These drivers cause a greater risk to other, particularly more vulnerable road users. CIHT will need to see a clear commitment from government on how they plan to enforce this re-emphasis in policy if it is to be effective in driving down both casualties and insurance costs.”

“CIHT calls on UK Governments to ensure that all road safety interventions are intelligence led. It will be essential for the road safety profession to share best practice, and to learn from interventions that have not been effective.”


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