CIHT: UK Government to reconsider the role of road safety targets

The UK Government has responded to concerns raised by the Road Safety Profession who have been calling for a re-establishment of road safety targets.

CIHT along with other road safety bodies has called for a re-establishment of road safety targets as studies have shown that this is an area of policy where the presence of a target has made a positive contribution to casualty reduction.

CIHT has requested that the coalition government needed to look at what the guiding principles for road safety over the next decade should be as the UK has reached the end of the period specified in the Department for Transport’s ‘Tomorrow’s Roads – safer for everyone’.

CIHT received a response from the UK Minister of State for Transport Theresa Villiers that states that the Government is ‘committed to ensuring that road safety strategy is a priority’ and that they were prepared to ‘discuss the road safety agenda post 2010, including the role of strategy and/or targets’.

John Smart, CIHT said:

‘CIHT welcomes this change of approach. This is an example of the new coalition government responding to requests by road safety professionals. CIHT looks forward to being able to provide guidance and support for the development of any future road safety strategy’

Rob Gifford, PACTS said:

“Both UK and international experience shows that a strategy underpinned by a measurable target make a real difference in road safety. In this area of public policy, targets aid; they do not distort. I hope that we can work with the new government to take forward the professional commitment to saving lives on our roads.”

Notes to editors

‘Tomorrow’s Roads – safer for everyone’ was published by the former Department for the Environment, Transport and the Regions (now the Department for Transport) on 1 March 2000 and set road safety casualty targets for the next 10 years.

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