CIHT backs lighter later campaign

CIHT has given its support to a national campaign by a coalition of charities and campaign groups to move the clocks forward by one hour, making it lighter in the evenings, thus creating the potential for a reduction of between 70-100 road deaths per year. The mechanism for this reduction is that there are, over the year as a whole, more people out and about (and becoming road casualties) in the afternoon and evening hours made light by the change than in the morning hours made dark, so deaths and injuries prevented in the afternoon and evening substantially outweigh extra deaths and injuries in the morning. Since the British Standard experiment in the 1960’s and the original estimate of likely savings in the 90’s the CIHT have been very supportive of adopting the timechange.

Please go to the Lighter Later website ( and sign the petition that will be given to David Cameron on 21 June 2010


Notes to Editors

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A supplement showing full details of all those shortlisted is available on request and the contents will provide excellent case studies of the highways and transportation industry.


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