CIOB: We are redefining construction management, says CIOB President

Professor Li Shirong President of the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) has announced that the CIOB is making good progress in producing a definition of Construction Management that is inclusive, challenging and fit for a new order.

Speaking at the Institutes Annual Dinner in London’s Guildhall Professor Li said, “Construction Management is how we’ve described the work of our members over many years, but we’ve lacked an inclusive definition to embrace the wide range of skills, specialisms and values which our members bring to the management of built environment development.

“The prototype we have developed draws on our 176 year history, but it also reflects a 21st century view of a profession which is concerned with the entire life cycle of built assets, with an emphasis on sustainable development.

“But it’s more than a definition, because it also provides an agenda for improvement. The CIOB knows that construction industries throughout the world need to do better in many respects if they are to contribute fully to the achievement of economic prosperity, sustainable environments and healthy fulfilled populations.

“By expressing our role clearly, we increase our opportunities to be of service; we also help to attract into our profession the creative and able young people who will be needed to meet those challenges.”

The project which has already encouraged views across the broad spectrum of CIOB membership is set to be completed in June 2010.

A webcast of the CIOB’s Annual Dinner will be available at shortly after the event.



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