NARPO: Injury award reviews – statement to police review

The National Association of Retired Police Officers (NARPO) have steadfastly opposed the Home Office Circular 46/2004, which appears to be intended to bully Police Authorities into very significant changes to local policies on injury award reviews. Imposition of a policy based on the circular would greatly affect the lifestyles and financial security of those already limited by the effects of injuries received protecting the public.

Eric Evans, the President of NARPO said ‘Many of those potentially caught by any Home Office inspired policy change have been led to believe that the value of their award was for life to help to compensate for a lost career and, in many cases, a reduced pension. In some forces the reviews have come completely out of the blue, for some after years in retirement, with no proper procedure or explanation. We think policy changes are driven solely by a desire to save money at any cost.

Where is the consideration or sympathy for those who lost their jobs protecting local communities? We would remind Police Authorities of the high degree of discretion they have in both the timing and regularity of reviews and implore them, if considering a new policy, not to introduce it retrospectively in fairness to those whose careers were shortened by serious injuries.’