NARPO: Injury award press statement

The situation in Northumbria Police in respect of injured members of the National Association of Retired Police Officers is going from bad to worse. Not only are our members being denied a fair and open procedure before their income is reduced at a stroke but now they are being threatened by the force that any attempt to rectify that situation through appeal is likely to result in them being charged costs amounting to a figure in excess of £6000.00. Members are already withdrawing appeals as a direct result of this threat.

Eric Evans, President of the NARPO said ‘We have seen the letter being sent to our members from the Northumbria Force solicitor. It is in our view a clear attempt to intimidate our members and dissuades them from their right to appeal. This is by far the worst example we have seen of this type of intimidation and is another clear example of the Northumbria Police desire to save money by targeting the weakest and with no consideration of what they gave to society during their police service. Current officers should be concerned at this total lack of sympathy by the force of those injured protecting the public.’


Eric Evans, President of the National Association of Retired Police Officers said,

‘Northumbria Police are being disingenuous about the process of reviewing their older former police officers injured on duty by suggesting that the decision to reduce the pensions paid to them is made by an independent doctor. Our evidence, from letters we have received from all parties involved, strongly suggests that the doctor simply rubber stamps a decision made in the force with no opportunity for those affected to make representation to the doctor about their case. How can this be independent or fair?

Adding to this the fact that Northumbria are one of the very few forces to review pensioners over 65 years of age, means that they are probably the least sympathetic of all forces in England and Wales towards their injured former officers.’