NARPO: Pay award to police officers

Commenting on the Decision of the Police Arbitration Tribunal to recommend 2.5 per cent Pay Award to Police Officers in the United Kingdom

Representing former Police Officers, NARPO understands the disappointment that will be felt by those currently serving at the decision of the Police Arbitration Tribunal to recommend only a 2.5 per cent pay award from September 2007. This is not only well below the claim made on their behalf but is also below the figure that would have been reached under the Edmund Davies formula applicable to the Police Service since the late 1970’s. This is effectively a pay cut for the service and we hope is not the beginning of a slide to those days of a poorly paid service many of us in NARPO experienced and which resulted in the enquiry into Police pay, the recommendations of which have stood the test of time for all before they appear to have been abandoned with this award.

We are sure that the disappointment felt by officers will turn to anger if this award, such as it is, is not ratified swiftly by the Home Secretary and on behalf of our former colleagues we call on her to make a positive, early decision on this matter.