Unite: Hain urged “not to fail disabled workers”

Joint union rally ahead of Remploy decision
Tuesday 27th November, House of Commons, Committee Rooms 10 and 14, 1pm – 4pm

The future of thousands of disabled workers’ jobs hangs in the balance as unions representing Remploy workers rally to urge Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Peter Hain “not to fail disabled workers” at the last public event before he is expected to make a decision about the future of Remploy. Disabled workers from factories around the UK will lobby MPs at the rally at the House of Commons on Tuesday 27th November, urging MPs to press ministers to deliver on the new direction agreed at Labour Party Conference based on choice for disabled workers and public procurement to ensure a flow of work to keep the Remploy factories open.

The unions have slammed the failed management of Remploy who have proposed the closure of 28 factories, which would result in the sacking of 2,000 disabled workers. An alternative business plan has been presented to the Government by the unions that proposes sweeping rationalisation to cut running costs, and entails the Government to play its part in securing an additional £50million in public procurement contracts out of an annual total of £126billion.

Union leaders Paul Kenny, GMB General Secretary, and Unite Deputy General Secretary Jack Dromey will address the rally from 1pm, alongside disabled members fighting for their jobs and factories.

Paul Kenny, GMB General Secretary said, “Peter Hain has promised disabled workers that they will have a choice of different types of employment so that they can choose the best workplace and type to suit their needs and hopes. All 83 Remploy factories are required to do this.”

Jack Dromey said “The decision will be the difference between succeeding for Remploy or failing disabled workers. If the Government accepts a discredited Remploy management’s plan to manage decline, rather than bid for the future, there are no guarantees for any factory. Disabled workers from across the UK urge Peter Hain not to fail them, and to facilitate the 5p in every £100 of public procurement needed to make sure Remploy can do business for good.”

The speakers will begin at 1pm, Paul Kenny, GMB General Secretary, Jennie Formby, Unite National Secretary and Chair of the Remploy Consortium, Jack Dromey, Phil Davies, GMB National Secretary in Committee Room