CIOB announces new categories for innovation & research awards

Every year the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) International Innovation and Research Awards get’s bigger and better with a truly international flavour. In line with current market trends, the CIOB has included new categories to cater for the increasing numbers of entries from worldwide institutions.

The Awards encourage innovation and research, creating a greater awareness and importance of higher education. The six categories for the 2007/2008 International Innovation and Research Awards are:

Undergraduate Dissertation Award

These awards are for outstanding dissertation research from students who are from degree programmes accredited by the CIOB. Dissertations must have been assessed as first class honours with a mark of at least 70% from students studying for their first degree.

Masters Dissertation Award

These are awards in recognition of the importance of research undertaken at master’s degree level.

Innovation Competition

In recognition of the important contribution those in practice make to innovation and research in construction, the CIOB is inviting members to submit a brief report detailing a successful innovative practice.

Pera Prize

Pera is an international network of technology development and industry support centres that help firms to develop innovative new products; improve business performance and enhance management and leadership skills. The winner of the Pera prize will see their innovative concept proceed through the stages required for commercialisation.

This prize, sponsored and supported by Pera, is open to entrants who can demonstrate that their innovation is able to create intellectual property rights and be capable of being patented.

The Pera Prize is worth ?55,000 in the form of business consultancy leading to a funding submission. To benefit from funding the applicant must be based in the UK or Europe.

Faculty of Architecture and Surveying Innovation Award
The Faculty of Architecture and Surveying (FAS) is sponsoring an award for innovative practice in the areas of architecture or surveying.

  • International Construction Project Management Association Award
  • The International Construction Project Management Association (ICPMA) is an international umbrella association founded in June 2003 by representatives of International Construction
  • Project Management Institutes. The ICMPA Award focuses on practical innovation in the field of Construction Project Management.

A CIOB spokesperson said, “The CIOB award these prizes to those at the forefront of innovative thinking. The awards scheme aims to promote collaborative work and the sharing of innovative ideas and information for application throughout the industry.”

Peter Davies, chief executive of Pera commented, “The construction industry has a rich vein of innovative talent and working with the CIOB enables us to reach their 43,000 members and encourage them to innovate. We’re looking forward to seeing the innovations arising from the 2008 competition.”

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