Unite: NHS committee slams employers’ on pay

The Unite NHS national committee today rounded on the NHS employers for proposing a two per cent pay offer along with efficiency savings above the targets set by the government.

Peter Allenson, Unite national organiser for public services, said the committee, made up of NHS porters, cleaners, ambulance workers and others, were extremely alarmed by the employers’ attempts to set another round of pay cuts.

“Our NHS members are opposed to a further round of pay reductions by below inflation offers,” he said. “They were incensed by the employers volunteering further cuts through ‘efficiency savings’ when they know staff are stretched as it is.”

According to the NHS Employers submission to the Pay Review Body, seen by Unite, the health service bosses believe there will be an overall surplus at the end of 2007-08 and that they favour more than a one year pay deal but have rejected the phasing that was put in place this year. Mr. Allenson said if the service was predicting a surplus, there was no reason to alienate staff by proposing a further pay cut.

“The NHS avoided strike action this year because staff felt brow beaten but the government and employers’ attitude stirred up resentment,” added Mr. Allenson. “The view of our members was clear that another year of cuts in pay whilst boasting of budget surpluses is simply unacceptable.”


Note to editors: Unite members from the T&G section voted to reject the phased deal for the current year.

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