‘Option Three is no option’, says BASC

‘Option Three is no option’, says BASC

BASC is urging the shooting community to respond to Defra by condemning ‘Option Three’ within their trophy hunting consultation.

Of the four options proposed by Defra in their consultation which closes on January 25, the third calls for a full ban on imports and exports of all hunting trophies.

BASC prefers ‘Option Four’ which protects the status quo; options one and two bring about potential changes to the species allowed to be traded.

Martin Edwards, head of deer management at BASC, said: “Option Three is no option. It’s inclusion within this consultation simply opens the door to the animal rights lobby to pedal their emotional and sensational arguments.

“Option Three is a real and present danger to conservation and species management both in the UK and abroad and the shooting community needs to be alive to the danger it presents.

“It is essential that BASC members and the wider community ensure Defra recognises the potentially devastating impacts of ‘Option Three’ and make clear to Defra the danger of pandering to the extremes.

“The current legislation, which has international backing through the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), is fit for purpose and scientifically adept. BASC will be responding to the consultation in full, requesting that the status quo is maintained.”

Notes to Editors:
More information on the trophy hunting consultation and how to respond can be found on the BASC website.

Defra's trophy hunting consultation runs until 25 January 2020