Pioneering project ‘Game changer’ extended for college students

A project launched to teach 60,000 pupils to cook game by 2020 has been extended to include college students.

Project Game Changer is a partnership between Taste of Game and the Food Teachers Centre and has so far introduced over 20,000 pupils to game meat.

The Game Changer Colleges project has now been launched and piloted and students at three hospitality colleges will this year learn all about game from deer butchery through to different types of game and how to cook it.

The courses will be run by chef Lee Maycock.

Project organisers are partnering with local shoots so they can learn all about the journey from field to fork.

Annette Woolcock, head of Taste of Game, said: "It is important we educate young chefs on the field to fork aspects of game, they need to know how it is reared and managed to understand the taste and provenance.

"We are equipping them with the skills to go out into the work place and be able to include game dishes on the menu."