Nominations now open for BASC Ladies Star of Shooting award 2019

BASC’s dedicated ladies’ shooting team is once again on the lookout for nominations for its BASC Ladies Star of Shooting Award.

The award is given in recognition of an outstanding contribution to ladies' shooting.

Nominations can be made by using the contact form here: 

BASC Ladies was set up to promote ladies events’ and women shooters.

Kathleen O'Connor, from BASC Ladies' Shooting, said: "We love to hear your stories of how you got into shooting – who, or what, inspired you or gave you the confidence to give our sport a go.

"2019 is our third year of the BASC Ladies Star of Shooting Award. The award is for outstanding contribution to ladies shooting. If you know anyone who deserves a nomination please tell us about them."

The award is presented annually to an individual who has contributed markedly to the promotion of ladies shooting in the preceding 12 months and who is not a member of BASC Council or any advisory committee.

Last year's award was won by Louise Alford, founder of the Fillies ladies shooting groups. Louise was presented with her award and prizes by BASC chief executive Ian Bell and Kathy O’Connor.

She said: "It was an absolute honour winning the award last year and to be recognised and nominated by the ladies shooting community meant so much to me and the ladies who attend our events. It’s fantastic to be able to celebrate and support women in shooting, so please nominate and let’s grow our community even further."

The closing date for this year’s awards is December 20th 2019.

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Latest figures released by the Home Office show that the number of shotgun and firearm certificates issued to women in England and Wales over the last year has increased by more than 1,000 (

The Telegraph recently wrote of the surge in women taking up the sport –

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