Catholic, CofE, Muslim, Jewish, and Hindu groups apply for new 100% selective schools

The UK Government has published details of all 14 groups applying to open new voluntary aided religious schools, which can select up to 100% of their pupils on the basis of religion when oversubscribed. The proposals include bids from Catholic, Church of England, Muslim, Jewish, and Hindu groups. Humanists UK has urged the Government and local authorities involved to oppose the plans.

The proposals include:

Five proposed Catholic schools – two in Peterborough, and one each in Cambridgeshire, Liverpool, and Bromley

Three Church of England schools – in South Tyneside, Kingston-upon-Thames, and Hammersmith and Fulham

One non-denominational Christian school – in Cornwall

Two Muslim schools – in Leeds and Redbridge

Two Hindu schools – in Hertfordshire and Redbridge

One Jewish school – in Hertfordshire

Education Campaigns Manager Ruth Wareham commented: ‘100% religiously selective schools segregate pupils by religion, ethnicity, and parental income, and that is a disaster for community cohesion. We urge the UK Government and the local authorities responsible for these bids to reject them, and instead only open integrated and diverse schools that cater equally to all families, regardless of religion or belief.’


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Read the full list of proposals:

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