NASUWT comments on Ofqual proposals on computer science

Commenting on the announcement by Ofqual around issues related to GCSE Computer Science, Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT – The Teachers’ Union, said:

“The NASUWT recognises that Ofqual has a critical responsibility to establish and maintain public and professional confidence in the qualification system. To this end it is appropriate for Ofqual to investigate and report on aspects of this system when questions about its integrity have arisen.

“Further, it is clear that Ofqual has a duty to ensure that timely and effective action is taken, when necessary, to address any concerns that may arise from these investigations.

“The NASUWT understands why Ofqual has felt it necessary to investigate whether action need to be taken in relation to non-examined assessments in GCSE Computer Science.

“Many of the issues raised today relate to the rushed and poorly thought-through qualifications reform process implemented by the Department for Education.

“The NASUWT warned at the time that the GCSE reform process was taking unacceptable risks with the qualifications system. It therefore remains a matter of profound regret that these warning were not heeded by Ministers.”