The squalid living conditions of some of Nicola Sturgeon's constituents will be highlighted to SNP members this week when protesters descend on the party's conference.

A group of residents from the Govanhill district of Glasgow will be outside the conference centre to protest over the conditions and to offer SNP delegates a guided bus tour of the area.

Rat and cockroach infestations, overcrowding and fly-tipping are just some of the issues that local people say they are facing. They hope that if SNP members see the conditions they are living in, they will be more likely to take action.

"We know that many of them are decent human beings with a conscience and we're confident that having witnessed the Govanhill Ghetto first hand, they will implore their party leader to act now to bring an end to the squalid slum like conditions in her constituency," Fiona Jordan of the Let's Save Govanhill campaign group said.

Last month, reported how campaign groups on the estate were calling on Sturgeon to do more to tackle the problem. The groups say they have met with the SNP leader on several occasions but the issues persist. They believe that tensions between the SNP government and the Labour run Glasgow city council mean that the two are unwilling to work together to improve the area.

"Sturgeon is our local constituency MSP, she is also the first minister of Scotland with the power to bring the key decision makers to the table in order to declare regeneration status for Govanhill. Why does she refuse to use her power and end the misery of her Govanhill constituents?" Jordan said.

The campaigners vow to continue fighting until they see real change in Govanhill.

"The residents of Govanhill will not accept the unacceptable, Nicola Sturgeon would find it unacceptable to live in a squalid slum and so do we"

An SNP spokesperson said:

"Govanhill has well documented challenges and, as the local MSP, Nicola Sturgeon has worked with the community, government and council to address these. The first minister has her constituency office in Govanhill and regularly meets with local residents and community groups. There is a lot of investment going into housing, including £4m from the Scottish Government to purchase and repair properties, into cleansing and into community safety, but there is a lot of work still to do. 

"As local MSP, Nicola Sturgeon has called for the council to use its power to consider a landlord's refusal to contribute towards repairs and maintenance when considering whether someone is a fit and proper person to be on the Landlord Register. She is also supporting local councillors who have asked the council administration to immediately expand the Enhanced Enforcement Area to a wider area of Govanhill and to make a long term commitment to the regeneration of the area."