SNP MPs ‘need to be on their planes back’ to Scotland

SNP MPs "need to be on their planes back" to Scotland, a Tory MP said today as she defended government proposals to restrict the voting rights of non-English MPs.

Apparently responding to a comment about the timing of tonight's vote, South Derbyshire MP Heather Wheeler gestured towards the SNP and said: "no, they need to be on their planes back."

She told the House that her constituents felt huge "grievance" about Scottish and Welsh MPs voting on English-only matters.

"This has gone on too long," she told the Commons.

"It is very very important that the rest of the Parliament understands the grievance that my voters in South Derbyshire feel about this. The postbags I have had on this issue is phenomenal. Knocking on doors all the time people say it is outrageous that Scottish MPs, Welsh MPs – whatever it is – vote on matters that only affect South Derbyshire.

"It is incredible we have had the sanctimony the piousness… It is not on anymore," she added.

Under the government's proposals, Scottish, Northern Irish and Welsh MPs would no longer be allowed to vote on legislation that only affects England. The leader of the house Chris Grayling is determined to push through the proposals in time for next year's budget.

However, the current plasns opposed by all other parties in the Commons.

The SNP's shadow leader of the house, Pete Wishart today told the House that the proposals were a "shambles"

"The leader of the house has managed to convince absolutely nobody about the quality of these plans. There is not one political party apart from the Conservatives which support these plans. There is not one legislative parliament or assembly in the United Kingdom that are supportive of these plans, in fact they are resolutely opposed to those plans. Even the donors and the cronies down the corridor don't support these plans. And the procedure committee with a Conservative chair have found massive issues with these plans…

"How dare you make us second class status in this House."