Boris Johnson blames ‘Corbynistas’ for cereal cafe attacks

The "ghastly ethic of Corbynista revolt" was behind recent anti-gentrification protests at a cereal cafe in London, Boris Johnson said today.

The London mayor claimed the attacks against the "Cereal Killer Cafe" in Shoreditch, were bred of inverted snobbery by left-wing yuppies.

"What you have got with these types of anti-gentrification protests is people who are really protesting against the same sorts of people who they once were themselves," he told the London Assembly.

"They are themselves, bourgeois left-wing, nose-ringed yuppies who have gone into these areas and taken them over and who suddenly see other bourgeois types arriving and they can't stand that they are no longer pioneers [so] they adopt this ghastly ethic of Corbynista revolt and name-calling and damaging premises."

He said he had visited the Cereal Killer Cafe, following the protests.

"I went down to the cafe in question and had some breakfast there. I think it was Coco Pops or Fruit Loops. I'm not sure what it was but it was delicious"

He said the police would crack down on all future unauthorised protests by "crusties".

"If you are a crusty and this is a public service message to all crusty demonstrators of one sort or another. If you are a crusty and you fancy having some sort of fatuous demonstration about something that's got on your nerves then what you've go to do is notify the police six days before the event with the date and the time and the proposed route and the police will look after you."

Conservative Assembly Member Kemi Badenoch told Johnson that the cereal cafe protesters were not actually from the local area and asked him about the police's apparent reluctance to crack down on the cereal protesters.

"We had similar behaviour during the 2011 riots and most culprits were arrested and given very stiff sentences," she said.

"But that demographic was young, relatively working class and poor and had a high proportion of ethnic minorities. These Class War anarchists are white and middle class. Why is it that they can get away with criminal damage which young black people get strict sentences for?"

Johnson insisted the police were examining CCTV footage from the scene and would "come down very hard" on the perpetrators.