Homeless protesters face eviction from Manchester city centre

Homeless protesters who have been camped out in Manchester city centre since April are to be evicted this week after being refused legal aid.

The solicitors representing the group have received a notice of eviction stating that bailiffs will attend the campsite at St Ann's Square at 7am on Friday morning.

Last week, a court granted the city council an injunction to ban the protesters from camping anywhere in the centre of Manchester.

The group were hoping to appeal the decision but were unable to because they were refused legal aid. 

"Because an appeal of the possession order has not been launched, the eviction will go ahead as planned and the campsite will have to leave by that time," Ben Taylor of WTB Solicitors said.

The protesters intend to highlight the problem of homelessness in Manchester and are calling for suitable and permanent accommodation for all of their members.

Since the protest began similar camps have been set up in other parts of the UK. In May homeless people and activists were evicted from a former Bank of England building in Liverpool and earlier this month a camp in Southend was moved off the seafront because of fears they would put off visitors.

Manchester city council said last week that they would be working with the police and bailiffs to regain possession of the campsite but that its homeless team would also be visiting the protesters to offer support.